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Here you can get these both options. You can read as well as download it in pdf. Bara imamia jantri is most favored and used by all Muslims in Pakistan. It is hidden knowledge about digits etc. It is fascinating to read and understand. Bara imamia jantri also has a calendar for the whole year. This calendar is 99% true. But you can get an idea, and you can make your programs according to this guess calender.

Bara imamia jantri gives some useful information about dua  Hazrat Ali speeches, horoscope, astrology, and more beautiful topics. Different topics are written by a different author, Ulama and Zakireen of the Shia sect. It is published by Haidery press Railway Road Lahore.

There are many “Ism-e Azam” in this shia Muslim jantri. You can follow and recite any dua and “wird.” You can also learn about the benefits of reciting specific “surat verses.” 2022 updated version is published and now available at our website. You can download official 2022 version jantri by clicking on download button. Don’t worry it is now in the market. So bookmark this page on your browser and visit to check the update. Here new 2022 Bara imamia jantri is shared. You can download or read online here. Wait is over to download new version of this jantri.

Online Reading

You can get your name meaning and qualities with your alphabet digit meaning. According to jantri, you can get all your qualities and other people qualities if you know their name. So Bara imamia Jantri has a lot of other knowledge. This is not known by everyone but those who read this know. It is not all about hidden digit knowledge but has also captured virtues duas Quran verses and other Islamic topics. The writer of Bara imamia jantri has captured a beautiful moment of Hazrat Ali  Panjtan Pak and other Islamic heroes. So, reading these stories and moments, you believe increase. Keep visiting for the latest updates about 2022 Zanjani Jantri and others. Read at here.


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